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Ready to launch with clarity and confidence?

Successful campaigns happen when your audience is primed, your messaging is vetted, and your copy connects.

I help you do all the above. 

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Michelle Terpstra | Master Sales Coach and Sales Mentor

“Brenna was a huge reason I had a 30K+ launch!”

"I'll never launch again
without it!"

Launch without late nights, tears, or “Why’d I do this to myself” feelings with the 

Pre-Launch Plan Cheat Sheet. 

“This cheat sheet reminds you of the important pieces of working on sales copy and launching without frustration.”

Licia Morelli | Expert Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

“Brenna’s writing is always fun and engaging. She’s become an authority in the industry, and you can’t go wrong listening to her advice on all things copy.”

Brenna is a rising star in the copywriting world. I’ve known her since the beginning of her journey, and it’s amazing how fast she’s turned into an authority in the industry. She’s earned that label.

Her writing is always fun and engaging. And I’ve recommended her many times in the past. You can’t go wrong listening to Brenna’s advice on all things copy.”

Chris Orzechowski
ECommerce Email Expert and CEO of Orzy Media


If you’re a coach or course creator, launching your product or service is just part of business life.

But right now you’re…

If you’re ready to leave behind the “What if no one buys?” and *GULP* “What do I need to write?” feelings—so you can can have a less stressful and more profitable launch—let me invite you into my virtual living room. 

(Don’t you love my imaginary Pottery Barn down-filled sectional? Hey, we all get to dream….).


Do you find yourself doing the last-minute scramble to launch your program and wondering why some people seem to effortlessly sell their courses without burning out?

Well, I help coaches and course creators launch with more confidence, more sales, and far less stress. 

I believe that hustle-based, high-pressure program launches don’t serve you or your customers. 

Instead, I help you leverage pre-launch content to show your customers empathy, authority, and personality—so you can sell spots in your program before the doors even open. 

Want to find out more about how I help you take your “boring” stories and make them selling machines?

And why this Jersey-turned-California girl desperately needs a slice of pizza? 

Tap that button below to get the inside scoop.

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"I loved the emails Brenna wrote and edited.
I can't wait to hire her again for our next project."

Brenna helped edit and rewrite launch emails for our signature program. I loved her storytelling, conversational tone, and specific details. She also masterfully weaved in messaging, social proof and calls to action. I absolutely loved the emails she wrote and edited. Brenna was easy to work with, professional yet fun, and kept to deadlines. She also went above and beyond by reviewing our sales page and suggesting edits to keep our language consistent and effective. We had a successful launch and I can’t wait to hire Brenna again for our next project.


Here’s How I Help You Confidently Launch (and skip the late nights, panic attacks, and subsequent tears)

Ready to remove the chaos from your marketing strategy? 

Wondering how you can go into your next launch calm & collected (instead of frantic and overwhelmed)?

Need someone who understands digital marketing, messaging and copywriting?

Want your next launch’s revenue to surpass the last? 

I can help you ↓

Deanna mason | Rest consultant for entrepreneurs- REFRESHED MOMS

“If you're considering hiring brenna, do it. There's no question she's going to level up your copy."

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