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As I type this post, putting my “Hello World” out there for starting this new venture, I have been dwelling on a passage from a book I read about confidence. What is confidence? The simple answer is trust.

When you are starting and running a business, confidence, or trust, is key. When we trust ourselves and our business, we can boldly solicit our customers and clients, knowing we have the right product or solution to help them.

The problem, however, is running a small business takes confidence in so many areas. From HR, to bookkeeping and taxes, insurance and advertising, there are so many aspects to running your own business, let alone running it well.

And that is where Social Rescue steps in. After helping several small businesses behind the scenes with their social media, I know what it takes to spread the word. In a day where a social media presence is key as part of running your business efficiently, whether it be blogging, newsletters, Facebook or Instagram, Social Rescue can deliver you from one aspect of running your business, freeing you up to run the other parts of your business where your confidence lies.

Social Rescue is rescuing one small business at a time. Can we help save you?


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  1. I saw your ad in STYLE magazine. I wrote a book a few years ago and I write a blog and post almost every week. The book is, “ACM, MY OTHER MAN” and the blog is suefoneunplugged.com I think I’m very close to computer illiterate and it frustrates me. I don’t know how to market myself. Is this what you do? Or, are you all about big businesses? I’d like the entire world to read my story, it’s pertinent in today’s world of people not being able to accept different people, maybe it will help people to learn to ACCEPT DIFFERENT.

    1. Hi Sue!

      Thank for your comment. Yes, I help people market themselves on social networks. And no, i am not all about big business. In fact, all my clients are small business owners. I am a strong believer that small business is the backbone of not only our communities, but our nation. If you have any questions about my services you can check them out here: https://thesocialrescue.com/social-media-marketing-services/ . You can also email me at brenna@thesoicalrescue.com. Thank you again!

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