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How Whole30 Helped Me Start My Business

First, no, this is not a blog post where I tell you the 100 different reasons why you should do Whole30.

Second, when this idea was impressed upon me I thought, “I can’t write a post about Whole 30. My business is social media and blogging!!!”

Third, however, maybe there of those of you who have an idea for a business but do not think you are qualified. Who think if you could get over this one (or many) personal hurdle then you could take the next step and become an entrepreneur. Maybe you have a business, but are in a rut. I know about ruts—the vast majority of my 30s could be described in that way. But then I reflect that personal struggles is often how our lives and businesses are shaped. Through our uncertainty we can find clarity. I am constantly reminding myself that finding success through the struggle is what defines a great person.

January 2017. For about the fifth New Year’s in a row I decide I am going to lose those extra pounds that bug me. Was I overweight? No, not really. But over time those pounds started to creep up and it bugged me. Like, really bugged me. I think we all have those areas in our life that need tweaking for our own self-happiness. This is one area I had complete control over and I just kept blowing it. And so I did what I did every January, I started to try and cut back. I would only allow myself one cup of coffee with delicious Coffee-mate creamer. I would try to only binge on cookie dough once a week instead of two. If I eat cookie dough for dinner then it really isn’t so bad because I used it as a meal replacement?!

However, what was different is that in 2017 I was turning 40. 40!!! The age that seemed so old in my teens. The age of mid-life crisis. My mom was close to 40 when I met my husband, for goodness sakes! I felt like I was leaving the prime of my life, a little chunky and wrinkled, beat down by life’s circumstances. So, that Easter I decided I was going to do Whole30 with a couple of friends.

It was hard. Really hard. Really, really hard. About a week into it I wanted to hurt people. My head ached during week two as my body detoxed from sugar and preservatives. Week three I wanted to strangle anyone who talked about casually going out dinner and eating cheese. Do not even get me started about the lack of sour cream on Whole30 (believe me, the coconut milk substitute is DISGUSTING).

Then something magical happened—I stuck to it (disclaimer, I completed 28 days because it was Mother’s Day and I DESERVED mini Cadbury eggs.) Yes, I lost weight, but I also gained confidence. I did it! I did not eat sugar, dairy, grains, or alcohol (that one is hard for some, easy for me) for (close to) 30 days.  The goal that I had had for years I actually accomplished!!! I changed my habits, which changed my perspective, which then changed my life.




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