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Getting the confetti out of your head and into high-converting, personality-packed copy that makes money.

Where coaches, course creators and personal brands come to have their emails, website and sales copy POP with personality.

I say, “Wow, Brenna’s good” on a regular basis. True Story.
Brenna is a copy and content superstar! In our private group, I've seen her brainstorm ideas and deftly remake headlines and paragraphs that I myself might struggle with for days. I say, "Wow, Brenna's good" on a regular basis. True story.

Helping you get the confetti out of your head and and transform it into high converting copy that starts bringing in cash.


Helping you get the word confetti out of your head (or whatever you had that part as) and

-actually working for you ASAP so you can make more moolah

-into your ideal clients’ inboxes & web browsers so you can make more moolah

-transformed into tangible, high-converting copy that quickly starts bringing in cash (that needs reworking but I like tangible, high-converting)

Getting the confetti out of your head and into personality-packed paragraphs that make you lots of cash

[In the words of Harry Met Sally: “I’ll have what’s she’s having.”]

“Brenna’s writing is always fun and engaging. She has become an authority in the industry, and you can’t go wrong listening to her advice on all things copy.”

Brenna is a rising start in the copywriting world. I’ve known her since the beginning of her journey, and it’s amazing how fast she’s turned into an authority in the industry. She’s earned that label. Her writing is always fun and engaging. And I’ve recommended her many times in the past. You can’t go wrong listening to Brenna’s advice on all things copy.”

Chris Orzechowski
ECommerce Email Expert and CEO of Orzy Media
our bold vision

You’re not new to business.

You’re doing the online thing: funnels, emails, Instagram caption, launch emails, sales pages, freebies. (le sigh.)

And you’ve realized the caveat to success: You can’t do it all by yourself.

You also know that copy and messaging is EVERYTHING when it comes to having a successful business.

You’re smart, capable, successful. But:

If you’re ready to complete copy projects in a DAY (←not kidding) that would normally take months —so you can worry less about your to-do list and more about your Stripe notifications—let me invite you into my virtual living room
(Don’t you love my imaginary Pottery Barn down-filled sectional? Hey, we all get to dream….).


Stay-at-home mom turned award-winning copywriter.

I help the words that sounded so good in your head come out even better on the page.

Going from a stay-at-home mom who just wanted to make an extra $500 two years ago to a booked up, in-demand copywriter working alongside some of the biggest names in the space, I have a knack for helping clients tell everyday stories that sell without being salesy, fill up programs, and jack up open rates.

Want to find out more about how I help you take your “boring” stories and make them selling machines? Click here to find out more about me (and my pug, Frank. He always steals the show).

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