How to Streamline Your Instagram Posting

Streamline Your Instagram Posting! Social Rescue

How to Streamline Your Instagram Posting to Save You Time (and Stress!).

Post EVERY day.

This is what some experts recommend. Do these words want to make you scream something like, “Sure, I would love to post everyday on Instagram. But the last time I checked, I am trying to run a REAL business over here. Who has time for that?”

Believe me, I hear you! So I wanted to give you 10 tips to help you streamline your Instagram posting. Make sure you read down to #10—it is my lifesaver. 

10 Tips

  1. You do not have to post everyday. Yep, I said it. Be consistent, but that does not mean you have to do posts 7 days a week. (You’re welcome)
  2.  Since you are now not pressured to post everyday, think quality over quantity. What value can you bring your audience? Value can be determined in multiple ways. For example, I have a mortgage consultant client. We can bring value by providing information about mortgages, but we can also bring value to our followers other ways. People who are interested in home loans are also interested in home design, interior decorating, trending ideas on renovation, etc. All these areas bring value to our customer, while keeping our page light, fun, and of course—social! 
  3. Speak to one person—your ideal client. Write a description of them down. What age are they? Do they have a family/kids? What are their interests? What are their pain points?
  4. Now, speak to that person like they are your best friend. Be personable. Be funny. Provide them useful information. Ask them questions—be genuinely concerned and invested in helping them. But most of all, BE YOU!
  5. Show your face. Not all the time, but make sure your feed is sprinkled with your beautiful face! People want to do business with real people!
  6. Pick a color scheme. What colors go with your branding or personality? This sounds like a pain in the beginning, but will help you determine what pictures you need to take, what graphics you should create or what pictures you need to supplement and keep it cohesive. I often head over to Pinterest and type in “mood boards.” It is a great starting point if you are looking for inspiration. Another way to gather inspiration is to find an Instagram page you love and take a screenshot. Refer to the screenshot 
  7. Download WordSwag. I LOVE this app. It is worth every penny ($4.99). You can easily create graphics, text overlays and add your logo all within the app.
  8. Use pics with some white space every few pictures. This helps keep your grid looking fresh and tells your eyes where to look.
  9. Planoly is your new best friend. You can schedule posts using your desktop or the app for FREE. It tells you how many hashtags you have used AND lets you create spaces between your paragraphs. Use spacing often. This helps your readers while they skim and keep them interested. Long paragraphs of text online, especially on Instagram, will deter your readers from reading through.
  10. This is mother of Instagram streamlining—choose how many days a week you are going to post. Then decide a topic for each of these days. Now you know what pictures you need and how many pictures for each topic per week/month. Think about your business when creating these categories. Behind the scenes, quotes, product shots, weekly blogs, tips, etc. Each of these are a topic. Create one post for each topic every week and repeat. Presto! Now you know what to post each day.

Bonus Tip

Another tip to streamline your Instagram posting is to create your posts in bulk. This is a true timesaver. Schedule them out on Planoly. Use tip #10 to decide what images you need for the week/month. Sit down and do them all at once! You will be amazed at the time you save.


What are some of your hurdles for posting on Instagram? I would love to help! Leave me a comment and I will give you some answers!

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