What if you could plan your pre-launch (and launch!) in under 30 minutes?



Maximize Revenue and Minimize Stress with Anticipation Marketing: Grab the Calendaring System That Helps You Plan Your Launch in Minutes

Here’s what Justin Blackman said about the Anticipation Marketing™ Calendar:

“I’m inherently lazy. I’ve downloaded lots of calendars and planning docs, but they were work.

Brenna’s process is the only one that doesn’t exhaust me or scare me to try. You just bloop in your dates and you know what to write and when to send it.

I’m not saying it’s magic — but it’s definitely not not magic.”



The first step in any
“successful” launch?

The first step in any “successful” launch?

The plan.

But the step *most* skip in the launch planning process?


But, when it comes to the Pre-Launch period, you might be asking yourself:

(Great questions, BTW.)

If you feel overwhelmed with where to start in the Anticipation Marketing process, you’re not alone. 

The launch runway is the most overlooked part of a launch. 

Launch experts spend their time talking about cart open and close emails, and do little to no education around a pre-launch. 

And people who are launching their product or services have an inkling of an idea they should probably be doing something around their launch to get primed for their offer, but they don’t know exactly what.

But, imagine for a moment

You could sit down to plan your launch and know exactly what you need to do BEFORE and DURING your launch — without questioning yourself, overwhelm, or staring at a blank Google Doc. 

And what would happen during your next sales promotion if you: 

  • Knew exactly what content you need to create during the pre-launch
  • Were way ahead of the game because you had a clearly defined timeline
  • Felt crazy organized (the days of “what should I post today? are g-o-n-e)
  • Didn’t feel the pressure that every launch email had to be perfect because you’re pre-launch content did the heavy lifting
  • Went into your next launch feeling SOLID and confident​

Well, if you want to plan and organize your next launch EARLY and want to build momentum with anticipation, I’ve created something just for you….


The complete launch calendaring system that allows you to quickly plan your pre-launch so you go into your next launch confident your audience is primed, excited, and ready to pounce on your offer. 













With the Anticipation Marketing Calendar you’ll:


What makes The Ultimate Anticipation Marketing Calendar different from all the other launch planning tools out there?

Well, I’m showing you the exact calendaring system of what you need to do BEFORE your launch to increase anticipation and overall sales. 

The cool part is when you inject anticipation into your next launch — and can do it strategically without stress — you create an environment for more sales.

And yes, more sales is nice (you’re a for-profit business after all), but you also call in the *perfect-fit* buyers because you’ve given your audience time to contemplate their decision (instead of an impulse decision they may regret later!)

When you call in more perfect-fit buyers:

You build cyclical momentum and become a force in your industry. 

Are you ready to plan your next pre-launch in under 30 minutes — and know exactly what content you need to create to build intense anticipation?

When you grab the
today you’ll get:

$97 $27

Plus, when you grab the Anticipation Marketing Calendar you’ll also get:


The Exclusive Breakdown of the PACE Framework, which shows you how to:

Throw out the tired content buckets, pillars, and categories — and instead position your content with Personality, Authority, Credibility, and Empathy — so your content moves beyond likes and comments, and instead moves people closer to the sale.


Launch Email Outline

Day-by-day breakdown of what kind of emails you should include in your actual launch, from Doors Open til “Doors Close in an Hour”.

Hey there!

Pre Launch Strategy Prelaunch Cheat Sheet

Hi! I’m Brenna McGowan, and I can’t wait to help you create tons of momentum, call in early buyers, and rake in more sales during your next launch with my proven Anticipation Marketing process.

I’m a launch strategist, copywriter, and pre-launch strategist. 

After helping my private clients and Pre-Launch Plan Program students use a pre-launch to see amazing wins, like 4X previous launch results and creating a 230K pre-launch — without the typical launch frenzy and chaos — I want to show you how you can use a pre-launch to create momentum, pre-sell seats, and have your best launch ever

…without a hustle-based, high-pressure program launch.

And the first step to all the above is having a plan and a system to follow. Can’t wait to show you how with Anticipation Marketing Calendar.

Pre Launch Strategy Prelaunch Cheat Sheet

Now for your questions!

How is this different from the Pre-Launch Plan Program?

Great question. The Pre-Launch Plan Program is a high-touch, group coaching program that teaches you everything, A-Z, you need to know about pre-launching.

From messaging your offer, to intimately understanding your ideal-client, to in-depth strategy, to all the copywriting behind your strategic plan (with personalized edits).

How is the Pre-Launch Process™ different from the kind of content I usually produce before my launch?

Well, I notice 1 of 2 things before most people’s launches:

  1. They don’t do a pre-launch.
  2. They are so busy getting their launch together, they throw out some random content on the fly to stay “top-of-mind” — which keeps them super busy, but doesn’t move the needle.
  3. They attempt a pre-launch, but they don’t really know the kind of content they should be creating (which, once again, wastes time).
    But, when you know what you should be talking about during your launch, and take the time to properly plan it out, it creates the type of momentum I see my clients and students getting:

“Blew past our launch goal and doubled it!” – Amy Nicole

“Increased the results 3x compared to my previous launch.” – Susan Reoch 

“I had no idea how much more calm and confident Iʻd feel about my launch. The pre-launch plan made things feel manageable and stress-free.” –
Linda Sidhu

What if I need more help with planning my Pre-Launch?

If you need more support, I’d love to invite you to join me in the next round of the Pre-Launch Plan Program, which starts the week of March 27th, 2023.

When do I get access to the Ultimate Pre-Launch Plan Calendar system and the Bonuses?

As soon as you buy, you’ll get access to everything. The only exception is the Live Bonus call, which will happen on February X (invite will be forthcoming).

The Ultimate Pre-Launch Calendar is for you if:

Are you ready to plan your next pre-launch in under 30 minutes — and know exactly what content you need to create for your Pre-Launch?

When you grab the
today you’ll get:

$97 $27