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Pre-Launch Plan Cheat Sheet

Ready to launch without late nights, tears, or "Why did I do this myself" feelings?

Remove the chaos from your next promotion by snagging my secrets (and content ideas!) for creating a strategic pre-launch that sells out your courses and programs.

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    l'll never launch again without it. I'll keep Brenna's Pre-Launch Plan Cheat Sheet at my side anytime I start the launching process. No matter what phase of business you're in, this cheat sheet will remind you of the important pieces of working on sales copy and launching without frustration. Plus, it will help you organize your writing and launching process which, as we all know, helps you take action and implement without overthinking. Love it!

    Licia Morelli


    When should you should start planning your pre-launch? Find out using this handy, not-fancy launch calculator.

    With the pre-launch plan cheat sheet You'll....

    →Get the secret to making your next launch both successful AND stress-free

    →Discover the formula to subtly shift beliefs so your potential clients are whipping out their Visa card before your doors even open

    → Uncover how to solve the trickiest problem you face when it comes time to sell

    → Find out how to jump into the head of your potential clients and know EXACTLY what to say in your copy and videos