Case Study:
Emily Reagan’s Pre Launch Strategy with Brenna McGowan

Watch Brenna & Emily chat about how Emily 4x her sales with a pre-launch strategy

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You probably know her — the one creating new messaging, new branding, a new sales page, & new webinar — all while getting ready to re-launch an updated course.

Around here, we call her Emily Reagan. The self-proclaimed “mother of all virtual assistant unicorns!” Wearer of all the VA hats including digital marketing course creator.

When it came time to launch her course for virtual assistants (for the first time in 15 months)…

Emily was overthinking every. thing. With brain power & time she could not afford to burn.

Emily knows how to do so much! Her endless talent list includes: social media marketing, public relations, technology (so not my strong suit!), implementer extraordinaire, podcast management, & content marketing.

She can do many many things (she’s a unicorn, afterall), but —

If there’s anything this military wife & mom of 4 knows, it’s when it’s time to call in backup.

“For me, pre-launch was a no-brainer because I had all the other stuff in place. I knew how important pre-launch was — and that was how I wanted to spend my money.”

It just so happens that Emily & I are friends IRL! We also work together on other projects & have a great working relationship.

She felt in her previous launches she’d been blissfully unaware of ALL the pieces involved. Her email list was small — but she believed in what she was doing!

That added up to initial launching success — success she expected to continue to see. But that just didn’t happen.

“With previous launches, I was very, very ignorant. It was blissful!”

Her launches hit a plateau, she realized her messaging felt off, & the quality of students she was attracting… left something to be desired.

This launch needed to be a hit. Driven not by desperation — but internal pressure. (Like an Instant Pot draped in a unicorn t-shirt.)

She needed this next launch to be a smashing success.

Emily had seen business owners skip this step — resulting in a lack of buzz & waitlists that didn’t grow.

"I felt like it would take the weight off my shoulders if I had a roadmap to follow."

“I’d experienced launches with no buzz & launches that generated a million dollars as soon as the doors opened. I notice when the email list is excited, when social is buzzing — and I knew I didn’t have that.”

She wanted to invest time, money, & attention into her pre-launch strategy — so her course launch would be successful. That made it an obvious choice to work with me to create her Pre-Launch Plan. Emily had watched (with her jaw gently resting on the floor) as Stu McLaren taught a 3-month launch runway. She saw what “the pros” were doing. And she was ready to get in on the action!

“After working with you, I realized I was only scratching the surface of what I thought was pre-launch content.”

Emily loved that I asked her about random stories.

Part of the process I walk clients through in The Pre-Launch Plan is… content creation!

I ask you about:

It’s helpful for me to know what content you’ve already created — because often… you can repurpose those posts or blogs. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel.

The goal is to create a seamless & strategic pre-launch experience for your audience.

Sometimes we need outside help to show us the truth.

And to help us see what we’re missing (which is usually right in front of us).

I felt like I walked away with the ability to more confidently craft my message & see the stories in myself. Seeing how you did it was just amazing! And now I’m gonna have this tool for life.”

We created a thoughtful & strategic pre-launch roadmap for Emily’s course.

There was a master plan that included all kinds of content:

“We had a major content plan — which I had no mental capacity to even tackle. And it worked! I had people in my inbox hitting reply, & in launches before, it was stone cold silent.”

People were replying & engaging. And Emily was having fun. (No small task during a launch!)

She’s typically logical & linear about things; she just wants to teach her students the tech & the how. But there’s much more that goes into ensuring you attract the right person to your course or program.

The pre-launch isn’t just about making money & selling out your course. It’s about calling in the right people.

We’re not just spitting out “Buy my stuff” for 6 weeks. We’re cultivating these fun relationships & letting people get to know you along the way!

“It’s so hard to talk about myself. I always wanted to be the girl behind the camera. But I’m posting on Instagram, I’m sharing, I’m putting my face out there. And when I do it — I want to be strategic.”

As Emily reports, ”the rest of the launch was not perfect, but pre-launch was the one piece that went well!”

Her effective & engaging pre-launch gave her a confidence boost AND peace of mind going into the launch phase.

That’s the whole point of The Pre-Launch Plan!

Emily found these pieces particularly valuable & meaningful:

“I have invested in all of the courses. I’ve done all of the things. Nobody ever teaches pre-launch.”

The best part of this process?

Emily feels totally equipped to do it all again.

Since we thoughtfully approached her course pre-launch, she now has a pretty timeless content plan.

The patterns we noticed, the objections & myths her audience is believing — really won’t change too much for future launches.

And if they do — Emily knows how to add in content to speak to those new points.

“I don’t think I’d ever had a client perfectly organized going into a launch. And then with you I was like — this is another way of living!”

I left the best for last:

Her goal was $20,000, but she hit $48,000 quickly. She blew her goal out of the water!

And then — it got better. When it was all said & done,

Emily had a $73,000 launch!

“This is going to make my program better. It’s going to make all the business owners who hire my students… happier! It’s going to make their businesses better. And this will all happen because I have the right students sitting there.”

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