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Hurry, we start October 9th! 


Your Pre-Launch might be so effective that you may just
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What Pre-Launch Plan Participants are Saying

“Over 230k in closed conversions!
What is going to happen when we actually launch?!”

“This is a must-have program for anyone who launches.”



“Best. Money.



“I’m obsessed with this program.”



Blew past our launch goal and doubled it!”




After Brenna helped us, we sold 40% of available spots in pre-launch and sold 30% more than our goal!”

-Kevin Rogers | Copy Chief

The Pre-Launch Plan Program completely exceeded my expectations. And I was able to complete all my pre-launch content during the course.

I recently participated in the Pre-Launch Plan Program and it completely exceeded my expectations. Before enrolling, I wanted to make my launches easier and more impactful, while still staying true to my authentic self. 

The program provided me with a wealth of knowledge, including the double CTA technique, the importance of a strong program promise, and how to develop a content strategy. 

I especially appreciated the combination of learning and doing, as I was able to complete all of my pre-launch content during the course. The flow and homework structure is logical and makes the learning process effortless.

I am confident that my upcoming launch will be a smooth and successful one, thanks to the comprehensive pre-launch plan and calendar provided in the program. 

What sets this program apart is Brenna’s approach – she has no ego and is always mindful of potential gaps in understanding, making her insights incredibly valuable.

The Pre-Launch Plan Program is a live course that teaches you how to get a head start on your launch promo, allowing you to warm up your audience and avoid the open cart scaries. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to elevate their launch game.



Dear Friend,

Wanna discover a way to promote your program that’s less flashing countdown timers and “value stacking.”

(because value stacking feels a little 🤢)

Wanna do it in a way where you boost sales — and don’t want to burn it all to the ground post launch

Cool. Let me tell you a quick little story….

As a copywriter, I’ve written a lot of launch copy for clients.

And over time, I started to notice a trend…

Clients would hire me to write and create a bunch of launch deliverables. 

And sometimes I’d write copy that would rake in $$$, and other times we’d send out launch emails and wonder if they all went to spam because it was so quiet (even if we knew it was a great offer). 

I started asking myself  what the big difference was between campaigns that were “successful” (even without the quotes) and ones that went “womp, womp.”

I noticed that the ONE single factor that made the difference in how smoothly and successfully a launch went was what was written before the launch, otherwise known as the pre-launch

It’s amazing how many companies launch with little to no pre-launch strategy

(Yeah, even the biggies. I’ve been behind the scenes of some major brands and I can tell you: they’re a mess too.)

Just haphazardly tossing together a promotion with the assumptions that their audience…

  • Has the pain point their product relieves…
  • Is fully convinced they can solve the problem for people…
  • Understands the product because of how their copy is written…
  • And that they’re aware of and prepared for the big launch of the product.

Not knowing how and when to address these simple things–which you can easily uncover in pre-launch–is the equivalent of plopping down your life savings on a Vegas roulette table and watching in terror as that little ball bounces around deciding your fate.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that when it comes to making a buying decision, people need more time than ever before. 

Not just because the online market is more saturated and crowded than airports 2 days before Thanksgiving, but also because people’s brains are just plain cloudy with an endless list of daily decisions, like:

  • “Where did the kids put their PE clothes?” 

  • “What should I cook for dinner?” or 

  •  “How do I answer this email diplomatically from a cranky client?”

In fact, decision fatigue is such a chronic issue that according to Inc., the average person makes 35,000 decisions a DAY. (← that’s almost as many shoes as you’ll find in a Kardashian closet). 

No wonder why it’s tough to throw out a single pitch on a webinar and fill up your program — that’s just one decision during the day your audience is making on top of the other 34,999 decisions they’re making in the same 24 hours. 

Then you question why your launch “failed” or things didn’t go as expected — when the reality is a potential buyer just didn’t have enough time to decide if your product or service was right for them. Oof. 

Because in order for someone to buy from you, they need to have 3 beliefs:

  1. They need to believe you’re the person who can help them.
  2. They need to believe your offer and methods are right for them and the current problem they’re trying to solve.
  3. They need to believe enough in themselves that they can get the outcome you promise. 

Shifting those beliefs usually doesn’t happen over a 60-minute masterclass or 10 automated launch emails. 

It happens when you give people space to process their buying decision. 

And I’m not just making this stuff up. Did you know that more than half of the general population are slow decision-makers, according to DISC*? 

This means traditional launch methods — the ones that’ve been crammed down our throats for years — are really only best suited for 50% of your audience. 

But you and me? We’re a part of the other half. 

We don’t want to follow all the BeSt PrAcTiCeS shenanigans that feel gross, spammy, and slimmer than the salami I found in my kid’s backpack two months after school ended. 

It’s no surprise that sometimes traditional live launching doesn’t work. 

So maybe it’s time to think about what “Best Practices” really means.

You might see yourself in one of these scenarios....

But, imagine for a moment if...

The Other thing a Pre-Launch Does? 

Takes the pressure off the Actual Launch. 

When you launch it can be tough to feel you have to be“ON” for days on end. 

Let’s also not forget the mid-cart existential crisis when it’s quiet — and you wonder if you did all this hard work and might not reach your goals. 

Or when you’ve broke down in tears because of a tech glitch where your checkout page wasn’t working and no one could buy. #truestory

When you’ve done your pre-launch right, you know that not everything is riding on some arbitrary 5-10 day window. 

You’ve already got tons of early interest and pre-sold spots. 

Because I don’t have a problem with selling. Quite the contrary. 

I love sales!  I have no problem offering someone a product or service that’s going to make their life better.

But I don’t love the kind of selling where you send sneaky cold DMs and “social sell” your next victim client — or where you back people into a corner and demand a decision out of them because the countdown timer is running out.

Plus, if you’re like so many of my biz besties whispering behind the scenes that“sales are down” and “selling is different in 2023” please let me introduce you to:


The Pre-Launch Plan Program is an 10-week LIVE high-touch program where you nail your messaging, create a strategic pre-launch plan — and all the copy that goes with it… with me in your corner.

The Pre-Launch Process™ is something I’ve created to help you get out of the do-or-die live launch cycle. (And this process has worked time and time again.)

With an effective pre-launch, you can uniquely position your course or program with content that drives momentum, sells seats before the doors open, and take the overwhelm out of a launch (and leaves you feeling oh-so-confident). 

Because when you and I create an effective pre-launch, you:


Brenna McGowan is a launch strategist & copywriter. She believes that hustle-based, high-pressure program launches don’t serve you or your customers. Instead, she teaches a systemized pre-launch process to put leads through so they’re primed, pre-sold, qualified, and raring to buy your offer. 

By leveraging her pre-launch and Anticipation Marketing strategies, Brenna’s clients have tripled — and even quadrupled launch revenue growth — without the frenzy and chaos they used to feel when launching. She also helps her students inside The Pre-Launch Plan Program create strategic pre-launch plans that’ve raked in hundreds of thousands in revenue. 

When Brenna’s not strategizing or helping clients launch, you can find her walking in her Northern California neighborhood, continuing her endless search for the perfect white t-shirt, reading cheesy romance books, or coming to terms with soon becoming an empty-nester.


Just take a look at a few of the unsolicited comments I've gotten when I've helped clients create their pre-launch:

Not only will you cry with feelings of sweet relief, during the Pre-Launch Plan Program you'll...

Working with Brenna gave me a roadmap to build momentum for my launch.
It was such a relief to have weeks and weeks of worth of content mapped out. It freed me up to do other things inside my business. And instead of me having to think through the strategy and make even more decisions, it was amazing to have someone I trusted come in and make some of the decisions for me.
I closed the doors with 47 % increase in revenue versus my prior launch. But more than that, I went into this launch with confidence, not feeling the pressure I’ve felt in the past. 
I’d totally recommend Brenna if you want a mix of strategy, story and sales for your next launch. 



Before the Pre-Launch Plan Program I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know how best to convey my messaging through all forms of content marketing without then burning myself out.
Inside the program I uncovered how important VOC is how systematic the whole process can be. I appreciated the logical sequences and discovering and discovering how to get into the hearts and minds of my clients so that I know how best to serve them. 
The Pre-Launch Plan Program gives you a blueprint for marketing new and current offers  It helps you to lay the foundation for take off for your launch. I feel so much more equipped to market my current offer — and anything else I have coming up in future. I now another tool in my arsenal!



The Pre-Launch Plan Program is for you if you don’t want just another course.

This is for you if you’re ready to take action and want a little kick in the butt to make you’re  *actually* do the work. 

You also want a whole lot of customization because you know cookie-cutter templates and working in a silo doesn’t work for you.  

Here’s what your next 10 weeks will look like:

We kick off the week of October 9th. 


PPP Module Graphics - 1

Clarify and Categorize

The first step to any great copy or a good strategic plan? Research. (I know, not super sexy, but it’s the truth).

We’ll analyze all the Voice of Customer research you already have and decide what further research you need to fill in the gaps.

I’ll give you the exact template I use when I interview people for my clients and also give you other templates for surveys, Instagram Stories– and my special hack for getting all the juicy voice-of-customer thoughts & words from online sources.

Then, I’ll show you how my copywriter brain breaks it all down into  easy-to-digest snippets that help fuel your future content.


You have the research you need to get a strategic plan in place.

But now we need to look at the type of content you’ve been putting out into the world and get a good understanding of what’s working — and not working— so you can maximize what’s already resonating and retire the content that isn’t hitting the mark with your audience.

You also need to pinpoint exactly where your ideal client is on the Awareness Journey and determine right-fit readiness so you’re talking to the right person at the right time to turn them from passive audience member to buyer.






Now that you have all the research, data, and analytics, it’s time to create a strategic content plan.

I’ll give you the same system that I use when helping 1:1 clients – so you create a well-rounded content plan that includes the essentials: Personality, Empathy, Credibility, and Authority.

I’ll also show you how to come up with unique stories that engage your audience and do the heavy lifting for you.


This is where we take all the strategy and ideas and turn it into content that gets your people excited about your course and program. 

Because we’ve already brainstormed all your ideas, and your research has told you exactly what your audience needs to know, understand, and believe to be primed for your offer. 


Pre Launch Strategy Prelaunch Cheat Sheet

PPP isn’t some random course that sits on your virtual shelves.
Which is why you also get…

Weekly Live Coaching & Editing Calls
Co-Working “Get it Done” Sessions

I’ve run this program three times — with top-notch entrepreneurs filling it each time.

A couple of things I know for sure:

The best messaging, strategy and copy isn’t created in a vacuum. Talking things out and getting feedback is how you get focused and your best work out into the world. 

Which is why PPP is designed as a high-support, implementation-rich program where you have lots of opportunity to ask questions and space inside the program to implement everything you’ve learned. Not to mention, lots of accountability so you get things done! 

And, Now for the Bonuses! 🎉

Special BONUSES Just for the
Pre-Launch Plan Program 4.0

Get them while you can!


with Frenchie Ferenczi

You know when you take a program and you get too busy and fall behind? Ya, me too. 

That’s why I’m excited to have Growth & Marketing Strategist Frenchie Ferenczi come in and show you how to make strategic decisions so you can get the highest ROI in your investment and maximize your time.

The best part?

Frenchie took PPP 2.0 and got ALL her content strategized and written for her pre-launch during the program, so she knows exactly what advice to tell you to get it done!


with Brittany McBean

So, you’ve got your pre-launch strategized and all the copy written, but what about your launch emails?

I got you covered! Well, actually Launch Strategist and Copywriter Brittany McBean does. 

Brittany is an in-demand copywriter who has written for 7-figure launches, and she’s going to show you the *exact* emails to end during your launch to close all those people you warmed up during pre-launch. 

And, all you’re going to be able to use all the research and VOC you collected during PPP. 

 “I quadrupled my revenue from my previous launch!”

When I hired Brenna I was unsure about what I should really focus on AND totally overwhelmed with all the moving parts of this launch (I had revamped so many new parts that it felt like starting over).

I wanted everything to be fresh and not just use old templates and swipes that I got from copywriters that never fit my product or messaging.

With the prelaunch I now know how to seed in and talk about my offer in my regular emails AND still deliver content my audience wants.

I went into launch mode knowing I had a plan, purpose and strategy for all my emails and podcast.

Brenna laid it out in a way my team could follow, and I knew exactly what to share when and where. I even had the tools to seed my offer across all my platforms — even my podcast. I also feel confident in who I am attracting and how I say it to call in my audience. I’ve gained so much clarity in my audience and messaging! And, I had the biggest grossing launch ever! I quadrupled my revenue from my previous launch!  It was well worth the investment!



“I had no idea how much more calm and confident Iʻd feel about my launch. The pre-launch plan made things feel manageable and stress-free.”

Brenna helped me set up a pre-launch strategy that focused on weekly emails, live events, and social media posts ahead of time, so when I went into my pre-launch mode, everything was perfectly laid out.

Doing the launch this way feels so refreshing. Iʻm wasn’t stressed out, and I was so excited because the strategy we put into play worked! In fact, I had 7 people who asked for more information or booked a call with me an entire month before my doors opened.

The Pre-Launch Plan provided a sense of direction and made things manageable to the point where I felt stress-free and could provide dinner to my family without feeling the weight of my upcoming launch looming over my head.

And the results? A 69K launch on the very first launch of my signature program! So ya, you can say I’m pretty happy with the overall results.” 



IS A Pre-Launch What You Need For Your Next Launch?

It's Time to Warm Up Your People and Get them Hungry for Your Offer!

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"This was the most useful program I’ve ever taken! There's nothing else on the marketplace right now — you’ll never get this kind of coaching and implementation in a program. And the proof is in the data — our pre-launch yielded 230K!"!

Tiffany Noel Taylor


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"I helped a client with their pre-launch. We only implemented maybe 30-40% of what Brenna taught me (due to time) and we more than doubled the expected revenue in our launch — and it all felt very easy!" ​

Amy Nicole


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“I’ve launched over nine times, and generated, high multiple, six figures in launch results. But I see how a pre-launch is going to, double, triple the results that I get!”

Sharell Weeams


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"There were a lot of things I loved about this program. First, I loved the emphasis on messaging. I also loved how actionable it was. I sold 8 spots during my pre-launch of a new program!"

Dr. Michelle Mazur


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"Need to update text here." Check to be sure the previous quote under Michelle is Michelle's and not Nina's.

Nina Dafe


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“Need to update”

Frenchie Ferenczi


Now, it's time to choose your level of support inside the Pre-Launch Plan Program!

Next Cohort Runs From October 9 - December 15


Pre-Launch Program Plan


When you join the Pre-Launch Plan Program you'll get:

1 Payment of $3500

Pre-Launch Program Plus+ Plan


When you join the Pre-Launch Plan Program Plus+ you'll get:

1 Payment of $5500

Early Bird Pricing: $4500 (through Sept 18th!)

Hurry, because we start Oct 9th!

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Hurry, because we start Oct 9th!

1 PAYMENT OF $3,500


Tiffany Noel Taylor had over $230K in closed conversions after taking PPP!

Check out Susan Reoch's success:

"I 10x'd the investment on my first launch after taking PPP!"

You’ll also get:

Examples Out the Wazoo

I don’t know about you, but I need to see an example that goes along with the system I’m learning to make it truly applicable. So with each structure-late you get, I’ll also provide a copy of how it works in the “wild” to make implementation even easier.

Non-Templatley Templates

And no, not the mad-lib style you can grab on Pinterest. My templates are more like structure-lates. I give you the structure of what goes into an email, social post, etc., and show you how to put it into your own words so it’s uniquely YOU.

Launch Outline

Not sure what emails need to go into your live launch? I’ve created an outline for you so you know exactly what emails to send once you’re in full launch mode.

Story Strategy Worksheet

Easily uncover what stories you should tell to get your audience laughing, connecting, and relating to you on a deeper level in a way — while also staying relevant and strategic.

Customizable Pre-Launch Calendar

I’ll show you how to give yourself plenty of space and map it out on a customizable calendar so you know exactly what you need to do at each phase of your pre-launch/launch.

Voice of Customer Organizational Tool

I’m not what you’d call super organized, but when it comes to VOC, I don’t play. I’ll give you my simple tool for keeping all your customer research organized (BTW, this tool is something you’ll be able to use not only for this launch, but will help you with every single piece of content you put out in the future).

Use AI in Your Pre-Launch

AI is all the rage, right?! And that’s why the PPP curriculum is getting an upgrade with instruction on how to use ChatGPT from everything to research to writing (making the pre-launch even easier!)

And so much more…

The Pre-Launch Plan Program is for you if:

Now for the questions I get on the regular...

So, if you got down this far you might be wondering,

“Is this really for me? Can’t I create a pre-launch myself?”

My guess is that you wouldn’t be this far down here if you thought you could. 

And even though I’m not teaching rocket science, there IS a lot of science to what I teach. 

What I am showing you is a simple system you can repeatedly implement that’s helped my students like S. see a 300% increase in enrollments or E. who just had their first 6-figure launch.

Plus, there’s nothing else like this program on the market where you’re getting hand-holding support and the benefit of being part of group with top-notch entrepreneurs. 

But, if you’re like many of my clients, it’s not just about the money.

It’s about creating a sales system where you’re not working on the weekends or having a panic attack at 9am on a Tuesday morning because you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

You want “life” freedom as much as “time” freedom. You’re tired of the hustle.

You want an authentic way to sell your program or services without feeling icky or like you’re backing people into a corner.

And what I teach you inside PPP will not only help you with this launch but every promotion you do from here on out (and quite honestly, it’ll help you with ALL your other content creation).

Plus, PPP will save you oodles of time! One current student said she’s convinced the program will save her 90% of the time it would take for her to do the pre-launch on her own!

There are very few people I trust with my messaging (because it’s what I do), but I trust Brenna and her expertise. 

Before the Pre-Launch Plan program I felt overwhelmed and confused. I wanted to know how to create a strategy for a pre-launch that lasts for weeks. I saw people doing it and loved how natural it seemed but I had no clue what topics should go into it.

There’s so much I love about this program, but if I had to choose one, I really loved the support and feedback on my emails and posts from Brenna. I left the program a better writer! I also loved the different templates for emails that I can use not only during pre-launch, but for all my emails. Such a time saver!

During the program my life had a major hiccup and I wasn’t able to participate fully during the writing implementation, but I still left with a solid strategy, several emails written and social posts done.

I also have fully developed a pre-launch strategy, a compelling elevator pitch and clear benefits for my new offer (that didn’t exist when I first started this program). I feel fully prepared to have a pre-launch that leads seamlessly to my founding member launch.  

As a messaging expert, it was nice to be working with someone who shared my philosophy around messaging and knew her stuff. There are very few people I trust with my messaging (because it’s what I do), but I trust Brenna and her expertise.

I also was really impressed with the structure of the program. It was super actionable and implementable.

Thank you Brenna for helping me create a pre-launch campaign that will make my audience excited for what’s to come!



Ready to go into your next launch and promotion feeling energized instead of scattered?

Want a repeatable system that helps you be strategic with your content (especially since you’re putting out content anyway?).

Tired of the churn-and-burn that typically comes with live launching?

Want your pre-launch content to act as a way to warm up your clients, pre-sell your program, fill spots early, and feel super confident when your doors officially open?

And, the biggest question of all, do you want me to help you do it? 

If so, I invite you to grab your spot in the April cohort of the Pre-Launch Plan Program.

Not sure if the PPP is right for you? Book a (no pressure) 20-minute call 

Hey there, scroller 😉

It’s fine for you to feel a little nervous. We can talk it through on a quick call if you’d like?

Note: This is NOT a sales call. It’s a Is-Pre-Launch Plan Program Right For You? call.

Here’s what other Pre-Launch Plan Program Participants are saying:


This is a must-have program for anyone who launches.

And it didn’t disappoint — I loved EVERYTHING about the program.

I felt so well cared for inside this container.  Brenna’s hands-on feedback was phenomenal and gave the course work real context.  I now feel super confident to implement everything I learned for my next launch and have an A-Z framework on how to plan a successful launch. I also loved that there was a resource for every single part of the program.  

One of the other things I loved was how talk up my client wins in my content in a way that feels helpful and not ick. I also uncovered how to effectively target and address the stuff that was holding people back from joining my program.

After PPP, I walked away with a clear roadmap of every piece of content for my next launch as well as having resources galore to use in every launch I’m involved in going forward!

I also have a better understanding of how content fits into a launch strategy! Inside the Pre-Launch Plan Program Brenna walks you through every single step in detail of how to lock down your messaging and plan and write persuasive content that gets people fired up and ready to buy.

Not to mention, I also have a rinse-and-repeat framework to use for every launch, several killer emails to whip up a frenzy of excitement for my next promotion, and an expanded community of entrepreneurs I met inside the program (priceless!)

Lastly, I loved how much Brenna cared and how whip-smart she is (a rare and special combination in this online business world!).

This is a must-have program for anyone who launches.



The Pre-Launch Plan Program is laid out so well! Each step builds on the next!

Before taking Brenna’s program I was overwhelmed with doing a pre-launch in addition to a full launch. But after going through the Pre-Launch Plan Program, creating a pre-launch became doable!

Brenna breaks down everything step-by-step, and I loved all the templates and feedback I got on my copy.

She really took the time with the copy I submitted for feedback and gave battle-tested tips that made the copy so much better. Having a pre-launch in place is going to make the launch so much less stressful!



Best. Money. Spent.

Before the Pre-Launch Plan Program, I didn’t know how I was going to launch my new product. I was worried to just start selling to my audience and didn’t know how to begin without it seeming sleazy.

But I learned so. many. things. Inside the program,  but my favorite was how to tackle objections and speak to them directly.

I also loved getting inside Brenna’s brain and discovering how to plug voice of customer into my content to use it strategically.

My biggest win inside the program was becoming waaayyyy more clear on my offer.

I’m also obsessed with Brenna’s plug-n-play style of teaching and the way she thinks of EVERYTHING to connect all the dots. 

As a result of taking PPP, I now have the skills to design an entire pre-launch from scratch.

PPP is a brilliant program that teaches you how to warm your audience up before your launch and gets them hungry for your offer.

Everything that is taught is super practical and can be applied to more things than just launches. 

The skills you learn can also help you tighten up your offer and get clearer on your messaging.

Brenna is the best and teaches in a way that’s so detail-oriented and much more hands-on than any program I’ve ever taken.

Best. Money. Spent.



I helped a client implement a pre-launch and they blew past their sales goal and doubled it!

Before starting the Pre-Launch Plan program, I was curious and excited to learn how to design a pre-launch strategy to add to my launch skillset as an OBM.

I wanted to know what to say before a launch without the messaging getting repetitive.

After taking PPP I walked away with a system for creating pre-launch content and the confidence I’m doing everything I can to help my client’s have a successful launch.

In fact, I recently helped a client implement a pre-launch and they blew past their launch goal and doubled it!

Brenna’s a generous teacher and I was impressed with the level of support inside the program.

I’m so glad I now have a system for designing pre-launch content that actually sells (without repeating yourself or running out of things to say!).



This program is a game changer!

Stuck, lost in my messaging, pulled in multiple directions — that’s how I felt before taking the Pre-Launch Plan Program.

I also didn’t know anything about pre-launching! I had been keeping launch communications separate from most of the other messaging I was doing. It left me feeling really disjointed and like I had to jump into sales mode. 

So, one of the things I really loved about PPP was the framework for planning the content. I’m able to connect the messaging for the launch to the rest of the content I create.

The program gives you the tools you need to build your audience’s awareness of the problem you solve for them before your launch so that when you do launch, your audience is ready.

It takes the stress out of launching and integrates the messaging so that you can really be cyclical with what you do rather than popping up out of context with a launch.

As a busy mom with three boys under 6, any tools that help me be more effective with my time are always appreciated!

I feel like I have solid connections between the topics so everything makes sense together and builds upon itself.

I also appreciated Brenna’s commitment to all of us. She answered every question thoughtfully and in a way that helped the people who hadn’t asked it. Her insights were incredible. 

As a result of the program, I now have a  game plan!

I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned from Brenna and add structure and strategy to what I’m doing. I feel like I can use what she’s given us to map out so much of what I need to communicate.

I may actually be able to batch create my content now. 😉


Career Coach

I loved the step-by-step guidance! 

I was in the middle of pivoting a bit and wasn’t sure what my focus should be, much less having any of the content written for any of it.

My biggest win inside the program was having a plan with emails written ahead of time. I also loved the step-by-step guidance. 

As a result of taking PPP, I now have a great voice of customer spreadsheet to go back to time and time again. 

One thing I really liked about Brenna was how she really places herself in our ideal clients shoes and is able to empathize with them so well.

Her edits and thoughts about the copy and plan I created inside the program are so on-point. 

The Pre-Launch Plan gives you a guided plan so you have a strategy before your launch to speak about your service and knock down objections in an authentic way without it feeling like a sales pitch!

So glad I joined the program and loved having upgraded to Voxer access to get immediate feedback anytime I needed it!



I may honestly never need to have a hard core launch. 

I joined the Pre-Launch Plan Program because I knew I needed a more strategic approach to launching without feeling the pressure to send a bazillion sales emails and do things that aren’t my style (like “doors are open!” and “I’ve just added a new bonus!” ).  

Inside the program I discovered pre-launching is what was missing from my sales process. The planning and strategy that goes into developing a pre-launch plan *almost* guarantees successful execution and increased results. 

I now feel like I have a plan for nurturing my community in a way that’s authentic –friendly, approachable, non-salesy, service oriented, etc. I may honestly never need to have a hard core launch!

My favorite part of the program was getting to work with Brenna — I appreciated the careful attention to how she mapped out the curriculum (BTW – I used to be a school principal!) and the feedback I received from her  on my writing. I also walked away knowing where my ideal client was in the customer buying journey. 

In the past, I felt like I always heard “use the language” in your copy that your client speaks – but having an actual process (interviews, launch debrief, email and social analytics…) to follow and how to extract VOC was powerful.

It provided the language my clients use, but the clarity I got about my overall messaging about who I serve, how I help clients, and what their transformation is was by far the most impactful discovery and shift for writing better copy and sharing about my 1:1 coaching experience.

I also got so much clarity around my messaging. Brenna’s framework helps you get specific and concise about your offer and the transformation regardless if you’re writing or talking about it.

I’ve even had current clients notice how clear I am in sharing about what I do, who I help, and why it matters!

PPP is a comprehensive and strategic approach to build awareness about your offers without the stress of bro marketing tactics and complicated launches.

It gives you the opportunity to connect authentically with your community, the freedom to sell YOUR way, and still get results (aka raving fans ready that can’t get enough of your content and are ready to hand over the credit card without hesitation).

Overall, this experience has given me a greater desire to become better at creating content and writing copy for my business.



Nobody knows pre-launches like Brenna.

Brenna teaches to the person behind the plan. She speaks with relatability and integrity because she truly understands you and why Best Practices might not apply to your launch. 

Then she adds a new layer of content that aligns everything in your program, and it not only feels perfect… it works.  Nobody knows pre-launches like Brenna.




As a result of the Pre-Launch Plan Program I now have the confidence to launch! I don’t think you can find anything else quite like PPP out there!

I felt  scared shitless about even just the idea of doing a launch.before I joined the Pre-Launch Plan Program. I learned SO MANY valuable things in PPP, but the standout discovery was probably understanding how voice of customer is so critical in all of our marketing. Not just that, but where to find it and how to use it. 

The best part of the Pre-Launch Plan was having Brenna in my pocket on Voxer and the incredibly thorough feedback she gave on my “fun work.” Brenna doesn’t just review your copy and give you a pat on the head or a kick up the ass, she edits it (and explains why she’s doing it), and asks pertinent questions to get you to go deeper into the mind of your ideal client.

Many of the skills I’ve learned in PPP I can also apply to my content when I’m not in a launch cycle which is just invaluable. Breanna doesn’t just tell you what to do, she teaches and shows you how to do it so you can start seeing your content in a different way – a way that speaks to your ideal client.

As a result of PPP I know have the confidence to launch! The tangibles are that my entire pre-launch (and launch) is mapped out, created, scheduled and ready to push out, minus all the stress of trying to do it as you go along (hello: burnout). And the best part – this system can be repurposed time and time again.

I really appreciated Brenna helped me brainstorm things and brought a fresh perspective to issues that I couldn’t see because I was too close to my content. Brenna came across as someone who cares just as much about your pre-launch as much as she cares about her own.

PPP is a done-with-you, high-touch program that anyone who sells something NEEDS to take. You get the A-Z of a how to create and implement a pre-launch strategy with the guidance and support of a fantastic mentor who really knows her stuff. And if you want templates and examples for inspiration, you got them by the bucketload. I don’t think you can find anything else quite like PPP out there!



The Pre-Launch Plan Program has been an amazing resource for me to use for any of my offers and future launches.

Before joining the Pre-Launch Plan program, I hadn’t taken enough of a deep dive into what my audience struggled with and how they felt. Because of this, I didn’t know how to communicate the value of what I offer.

However, after discovering the program and working with Brenna, I quickly realized that the woman knows what she’s talking about! Through the program, I gained more insight and education on how to better understand my client’s voice of customer and the strategies behind a successful launch. 

I think of PPP as a step-by-step framework into creating a pre-launch so that you can warm up your audience to the value you have to offer them.

PPP has been an amazing resource for me to use for any of my offers and future launches. Brenna is also relatable, fun, and full of advice.



I now have the tools and knowledge to implement successful pre-launch strategies in my business.

Before taking the Pre-Launch Plan Program, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of launching. 

However, within the program, I discovered the power of pre-launching and how to write better copy by sharing more about myself and my previous clients. 

The templates and scheduling help provided was incredibly helpful, as was having Brenna provide feedback on my copy. Her candid editing and positive feedback gave me more confidence in launching my group program.

Brenna’s program is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs write better copy for the pre-launch of their program or service. 

Thanks to Brenna, I now have the tools and knowledge to implement successful pre-launch strategies in my business. I truly appreciated everything and am excited to implement the tips and tools in my business and throughout my launch.




I’ve never been this organized in my business, ever! 

All my pre-launch content is scheduled 5 weeks ahead of time! The Pre-Launch Plan Program is a complete system of warming your audience up before a launch and helping them to understand the bigger picture of what they’re trying to achieve — without the sales pressure! I now feel like I have a rinse and repeat plan for not just this launch — but every launch in the future. Brenna’s also attentive and supportive — and so generous with her time and expertise! PPP is amazing!


Course Creator + Freelance Food and Travel Writer

I finished PPP with my whole pre-launch email sequence done!

Before taking the Pre-Launch Plan Program I felt paralyzed and like I needed to convince people to buy. But after going through PPP, I understood what I should be saying to my potential clients and got more courage, interest, and excitement to do the research. I loved all the templates and resources inside the program. I also felt like it was an intimate class rather than a program. Brenna definitely over delivered with the hot seats and copy reviews — I finished with my whole pre-launch email sequence done!




The calls were full of supportive, awesome peers and colleagues!

I was feeling overwhelmed with what I was offering, who I was talking to and where to start before diving into the Pre-Launch Plan Program. I tend to get caught up in my head and make things way more complicated than they need to be. Basically, I do the complete opposite of what I’d advise any of my clients to do because it’s me and my stuff. 

Brenna gave me the tools and the gentle encouragement to allow simplicity and straightforwardness, vs getting caught up in complication and endless delays. I left PPP with much more clarity and confidence in my new direction, and have been able to distill all the research and target market discussions down to topics and talking points that let me really dig into my “why” and share my passion.

The calls I attended were full of supportive, awesome peers and colleagues. They helped me see the vision I hadn’t yet fully formed, and cheered me on every step of the way. 

There was never any judgment, even when I got distracted by personal stuff and fell off the map for a bit. Brenna gave me space and checked in on me, gave me ideas for different areas when I got stuck, and celebrated the hell out of every breakthrough and a-ha moment. Brenna’s badass and I’m honored to know her. In the end, PPP is a system for helping you identify and build connections with your ideal people, so that when you’ve got something to offer them, they’re already primed and excited to work with you!



My favorite thing inside the program was all the templates and workbooks, and Brenna really over-delivered.

I knew I wasn’t strategic enough with my pre-launch copy. But after going through the Pre-Launch Plan Program I discovered how thoughtful and analytic it is to create a marketing/communication plan. 

And now I have a new tool to offer clients, as well as new strategies to use myself. My favorite thing was all the templates and workbooks. I decided to practice by “launching” my copy coaching club. 

It was great to have a blueprint to follow and now I can relaunch when I’m ready.

My favorite thing inside the program was all the templates and workbooks, and Brenna really over-delivered. PPP gives you the exact roadmap and the words and messaging to use in the lead up to a sale so that you can pre-sell your spots and have easier sales during the promotion. 




 The program is super thorough and exceeded my expectations.

Before taking the Pre-launch Plan Program I felt unsure of where to begin with getting more structure and strategy around my launches and didn’t know specifically what my customers want. 

During PPP I got a clear path and way more clarity. The program provided structure and specific steps to get clear on what you offer and how it matches up with what your customer wants. 

It also shows you how to talk to your customer so they know your offer is what they need. My favorite part was working with Brenna. It’s obvious she knows what she’s doing and cared about my experience  — and everyone else’s —  in PPP. The program is super thorough and exceeded my expectations.




I pre-sold 50% of my seats in the early bird round! 

The truth is, I didn’t want to enroll in PPP. I wanted to skip the hard parts and just have things work automagically – and that’s exactly what Brenna taught me to do. 

With just a few easy tweaks, we created a launch plan that fit my style and didn’t force me into never-ending Tik Tok dances, social posts, or reels. We created a schedule that allowed a natural flow, solid content, and no yuckiness.

Brenna helped me figure how to be a more efficient and effective me. 

She made my launch easier than ever, and I even pre-sold 50% of my seats in the early bird round. 

She’s the real deal. Having her in your corner is extremely Brennaficial.”