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Said No One Ever ...Until Now

Gain Momentum and Launch with Confidence 

(and make more while you do) with…

The Pre-Launch Success Plan™

For Coaches, Course Creators, and Other Service-Based Entrepreneurs

With Copywriting and Launch Expert
Brenna McGowan

(I’d say this is a no-pressure call, but then I’d sound like an infomercial guy who sells the ShamWow. But seriously, this is just a quick chat to see if we’re the right fit.)

When it came time to start thinking about my launch, I had no clue where to start, but working with Brenna gave me a roadmap to build momentum for my launch.

It was such a relief to have weeks and weeks of worth of content mapped out. It freed me up to do other things inside my business. And instead of me having to think through the strategy and make even more decisions, it was amazing to have someone I trusted come in and make some of the decisions for me.

I couldn’t be happier with my overall launch and Brenna’s Pre-Launch Plan contributed to my success.

I’d totally recommend Brenna if you want a mix of strategy, story and sales foryour next launch.



If you’re waking up at 4 am in a cold sweat about your upcoming launch, lean in a little closer so I can whisper something in your ear.


Touch this card.

Launching is hard.

(Bet that’s not what you expected me to say.)
You’ve got emails to write.

Sales page to create.

Strategy to execute.

Sure, I could schmooze you and say, “If you hire me, launching will be breezier than a Southern California beach day.” (can someone please take me to Malibu?)

But I’ve been on the backend of enough launches (including my own) to know that selling your product or service takes work.

There’s no way around it.

And as a business owner, ALL the decision-making that goes into a launch is on your head.

That’s a lot of pressure.

But what I can confidently say (no schmoozing needed) is that it can be WAY easier …

With a Strategic Pre-Launch.

An often overlooked—but crucial piece—to a more successful and less stressful launch.

No one might have told you that the 4-8 weeks before your launch is where you build momentum, help buyers work through objections, shift limiting beliefs, and prove that YOU are worth a swipe of their VISA CARD. 

But, if you...

Feel overwhelmed on where to even start to put together a strategic pre-launch...

Are confused about what exact content and strategies matter the most in the weeks before you open your doors...

Are exhausted by a “fly by the seat of my pants” pre-launch approach (that hasn’t worked well in the past)...

And you’re ready to make your upcoming launch both successful AND stress-free (with plenty of time to hit a regular yoga class and tuck your kids in at night) you need to hear this…

With a Strategic Pre-Launch You

Sniff out buyer objections BEFORE the launch, so the only decision people make when your doors open is pay-in-full or payment plan.

Take the pressure off the actual launch because — instead of smooshing your sales process into 7-10 days — you give buyers space to make a decision that feels like a no-brainer yes.

Reduce stress and anxiety because you’ve identified any holes or bottlenecks in your launch strategy way ahead of time.

Have more time and energy to focus on the big picture of your launch because the pre-launch is completely planned out.

Implement a plan that ensures messaging is consistent throughout your launch process…and leads people directly to your fantastic offer.

Feel a sense of relief and confidence because you know what needs to be said in the weeks before your launch to sell out your offer—and know exactly what to write and when to publish it.

I had no idea how much more calm and confident Iʻd feel about my launch.  The pre-launch plan made things feel manageable and stress-free.

Brenna helped me set up a pre-launch strategy that focused on weekly emails, live events, and social media posts ahead of time, so when I went into my pre-launch mode, everything was perfectly laid out.

Doing the launch this way feels so refreshing.  Iʻm not stressed out and Iʻm really excited because the strategy weʻve put into play is working! Over the last week, Iʻve had 7 people whoʻve asked for more information or booked a call with me. 

The pre-launch plan provided a sense of direction and made things manageable to the point where i felt stress-free and could provide dinner to my family without feeling the weight of my upcoming launch looming over my head.



BTW, if we haven’t met, Hi, I’m Brenna (my friends call me Bren)!

Brenna Mcgowan smiling at diner

(That’s me pretending to be oh-so-casually working in a breakfast restaurant when all I really want to do is eat French toast with lots of powdered sugar)

I spend my days helping business owners just like you write the words that sell in their business.

But, after years of doing this, I started to notice a trend. 

My clients were focusing so much energy on their launch that they couldn’t see just how many people needed more processing time and/or awareness before whipping out their credit cards.

Or they were so intent on creating momentum for their launch that by the time the doors opened, they were burnt out.  

Post-launch, they just wanted to binge-watch Friends reruns (and binge-eat pizza) instead of delivering the darn program.

So, I decided to take my 10+ years of content creation, storytelling and online marketing, blend it with all my copywriting and launch know-how, and create the Pre-Launch Success Plan™ so you can sell out your offers (and actually enjoy life while doing it). 

I’m your secret weapon when it comes to selling because I help you see the big picture—AND get into the all-important weeds of tactics of strategy. 

“Brenna has this amazing ability to not only focus on details at a granular level, but also see the big picture. If you’re looking for somebody who can look at your brand, make suggestions on how you should change things strategically, and then actually help you make those granular changes, Brenna’s your girl.”

Dr. Darcy Sterling

Relationship Therapist, Host of E! Network’s Famously Single, and Former Global Ambassador for Tinder

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What does the Pre-Launch Success Plan™ with me look like?

Step 1: Analyze

  • I gather all the data from your last launch and analyze what people are saying, what matters most to them, and what keeps them up at night.

  • I work to deeply understand your buyers’ pain points, objections, false beliefs, and desires.

  • Then, I do what most other copywriters and marketers won’t or don’t touch — assess your current funnels and traffic, determine what's working, what needs improvement, and where things are bottlenecked when it comes to messaging and content.

  • Finally, I’ll uncover holes in the buyer’s awareness journey and where your content needs to be honed to create a seamless customer journey.

Step 2: Strategize

  • Based on the data and research collected in step 1, I’ll strategize a pre-launch content plan leading to challenge/webinar and launch.

  • We’ll determine what content assets are still needed and what can be repurposed based on this plan.

  • I give you a detailed outline of your authority content and pre-launch emails for easy execution.

  • I brainstorm story ideas that keep your content fun and full of personality, while also getting your people pumped for cart opening.

  • You’ll get my recommendations on any funnels that might need tweaking. My unique method, given to you in a written, strategic plan, identifies missed opportunities and optimizations that help increase conversions.

  • You’ll feel near-instant relief that you finally have a roadmap of exactly what content to confidently create that leads your audience straight into a launch offer they can’t wait to jump on.

(I know, I know, another Zoom call. But this is just a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit!)

Here’s the Dear Abby section of this Pre-Launch Offer

Gosh, so many reasons—but I’ll give you a few: 

  1. In 2021, there’s so many marketing messages and constant noise that people need 20+ touches to even know you exist—and that doesn’t include the posts they miss on IG because of algorithm or getting distracted by the 40% OFF sale subject line in their inbox.
    Consumers have more options than ever, which means they need more time to warm up to your offer and be your HOTTEST buyers when your doors open.
  2. The old way of launching doesn’t work like it used to. Gone are the days of throwing up a Facebook ad and selling a $2,000 course without any relationship. Buyers are savvier than ever, and you have a unique opportunity in a pre-launch to lead them by the hand and show why and how your product/service is exemplary for them… without ever having to feel sleazy-salesy. 🙌
  3. Buyers have more choices in coaches, courses and products than they did even 5 years ago.  Finding your areas of key differentiation and matching it up to strategy is imperative moving forward for online businesses.
  4. Removing objections and limiting beliefs before launching is imperative to a successful launch. Not to mention how pre-launching helps you stay top of mind, show social proof, and move people along in their individual awareness journey. 
  5. By the time you get to your launch, it’s all about “business” and helping guide people to the sale. But the pre-launch is where you can let your personality shine and use lots of story to warm up your audience in a way that feels organic, natural and not salesy. 

At minimum, we need to work together 8 weeks before a launch event (webinar, challenge, etc.). This gives us time to plan the pre-launch and gather any assets you need while still giving us  6 weeks for publishing the pre-launch content.

About 1-2 weeks, most of it on my time.

Before the designated time, I’ll send you a questionnaire. You can either fill it out electronically or record a video with your answers to my questions to make it easy for you. I’ll also be collecting any customer research you have, testimonials, analytics, etc. Then we’ll have a 90-minute meeting on Zoom where I’ll dig deeper into your business with targeted questions.

Finally,  I’ll send you a comprehensive write-up with a  complete strategic outline of your pre-launch authority content (podcast, live video, blog, etc) and an outline of your pre-launch emails so you know exactly what needs to be written, and when it needs to be sent.

And then, you head into your launch with a complete roadmap (and lots of feelings of relief)…

***Crying not required as a reaction to working with me:)

When you hire me to help you with your pre-launch, I’m coming in on a very high level and taking a cursory review of your traffic and conversion numbers off ads.

My job is to take the traffic you have, try to warm them up, and convert them using my proprietary pre-launch process.

In short, I’m not a Facebook Ads expert. I’m the warm-your-people-up-so-they’re-throwing-their-credit-cards-at-you expert. 

Great question! 

This is for you if you have an existing, proven offer that you’ve sold before and are looking to find a way to connect more deeply with your existing audience and also accelerate newer leads in the buying journey.

You’re looking for a partner in your upcoming launch to help you see things from a high level and break things down into simple tasks that you and/or your team can implement ahead of your launch or promotion period to start warming up leads and pre-selling your offer.

(Just like my client Linda Sidhu. Did you see her testimonial above? She had 7 inquiries in one week about her new program almost 2 months before her launch even began!)

I think of a launch as a promotional period. So whether you’re launching a product or program where the doors close—or you have an evergreen product or service—having a period of time where you’re producing strategic content to warm your buyers up and get them excited about your offer is always the best way to create sales momentum. 

To wrap things up, the Pre-Launch Success Strategy Plan™ is for you if you’re:

  • Tired of going into a launch exhausted, overwhelmed, and nervous about the outcome

  • Ready to sell spots in your course or program before the doors open

  • Excited to have all your content planned for 6-8 weeks before the launch (and know that it has the perfect mix of empathy, authority, personality, and credibility).

  • Beyond relieved at the thought of having a partner who takes some of the pressure off of you as the head honcho of your biz while also helping you see any blind spots. Best of all? A trusted guide who helps you accelerate and leverage what you’re already doing well.

  • Ready to walk confidently into your launch because you have an A-Z plan (whew!)

Sound like what you’ve been waiting for?

Email me today or jump on a discovery call and we can chat about your upcoming launch.