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Case Study:
Reese Spykerman's Pre-Launch Plan Experience with Brenna McGowan

Watch Brenna & Reese chat about how Reese used a pre-launch plan to launch her program!

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Launching: the kind of moment where Dread glides in, pulls up a chair, & whispers in your ear,
This is going to suck.”

Launching is rarely the fun part of the process for course creators & program facilitators. And Reese Spykerman knew that all too well.

As an introvert with health challenges, Reese wanted to successfully launch her program—without the suddenly intense feeling. She dreamed of a launch that felt intentional, yet easy.

“I love the teaching; hate the launching.” -Reese

Reese chose to work with me to create her Pre-Launch Plan—a solid foundation for her program launch.

(She’s a friend—one I have yet to meet outside a computer screen.)

So I was aware of her personality, program, & what she promised her people.

(I love spending time getting to know my clients as people, regardless of any pre-existing friendship!)

What launching life Looks like before Reese had a pre-launch strategy.

Her other launches didn’t feel …Intentional. She was still there—with the sales page, and the emails, and the masterclass—but everything felt abrupt.

Like—one minute she was writing her regular emails. And the next it was, “Hey, look—I’m launching my program! You want in?”

“Launching used to feel so intense—like going 0-80 in my body.”

Reese wanted the weight of launching to be removed from her shoulders.

And she felt the best way to do that was to find someone to create a pre-launch roadmap she could follow.

"I felt like it would take the weight off my shoulders if I had a roadmap to follow."

What was The Pre-Launch Success Plan experience like?

Reese says the plan helped her do the work she normally does for her clients. This process helped her develop more empathy for her people.

Working with me enabled Reese to see the big picture. (As I say frequently—we’re all a little too close to our businesses sometimes. This was one of those times.)

So Reese & I thought through:

She was shocked we were able to repurpose so much of her existing content to address each of these questions!

You gave me a solid foundation & a thoughtful plan to launch with.”

Launching with a pre-launch strategy felt like she was taking care of her audience. She was leading her audience on a deliberate journey—not shocking their system.

I’ve noticed my clients gain space when they have a pre-launch strategy. Space to breathe. Space to reply to emails with questions about their programs.

It was the same for Reese!

She had a very high reply rate to the pre-launch email sequence we put together.

Reese said this signaled to her that her audience was investing more time in her—after she’d invested a little more time in them.

Any other wins from The Pre-Launch Plan, Reese?

The biggest win for Reese was how smoothly her sales calls went.

"I had ~80% close rate on sales calls. They just went so easily!”

People were coming into her sales calls highly pre-qualified—saving her prospects time, saving Reese time, & making everyone involved feel like they were making a confident decision.

This ease of sales calls was so strange for Reese that she even tried to drag out this one call because it “felt so unnatural” & went against everything she’d been taught about sales calls & launching.

Reese attributes the increased sales call close rate to the fact that her audience felt connected & seen—because of the pre-launch plan.

“I’m bringing a whole different energy to the masterclass—2 Seconds to the Sale—this time around!”

The pre-launch plan had a typical outcome of substantially increasing her revenue. But—maybe more importantly—it positively impacted her as a person.

Reese felt less anxious, more confident, & more excited about her launch!

The high sales call close rate alleviated a lot of the anxiety around that launch & it’s something she’s been able to carry into future launches.

What else should You know about The Pre-Launch Plan?

Reese has only scratched the surface of what this plan can do for her launching process. (As additional launches have proven.)

“That plan still saves me from decision making—I do that too much in my business as it is.”

With each launch, you’ll notice just how much of the pre-work is already done.

Reese noticed that her audience’s desires, concerns, & the myths they were believing didn’t change much from one launch to the next.

So she repurposed what we’d already come up with. She worked the pre-launch plan again. (Saving herself from tedious decision making.)

To wrap it all up—Reese said it best:

“A pre-launch strategy is a kind & compassionate way to treat your clients & customers.”

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