Helping You Wrangle Your Copy Chaos and Make Consistent “Cha-Ching!”

Your Copy Projects Done and Dusted in a Day (VIP Day, that is.)

Let me guess... You:

You’re here because you’re ready to bang out those copy projects (that usually drag on forever) 

so you can start making money (sooner than later).

But hey, you’ve got questions about how I can help you—and I’ve got answers….

I love a good Q & A (What can I say—I used to binge the Q & A section of Parade Magazine in the Sunday LA Times as a kid), so let’s go:

What’s a VIP Day?

Great question!

Great question! Basically, it’s like hiring your own personal copywriter and editor for the day. On these days, I ignore my kids, Instagram notifications, and my pug—and zero in on your copy project so it’s done and dusted in a day.

Yep, a DAY.

No back and forth for four weeks. No Asana task lists. We work collaboratively to nail your copy in a day so it can start producing before your next (blissful-because-your-copy-is-done) sleep.

Are you writing my copy from scratch during the VIP Day?


It depends on the project. Some projects like a welcome series or revisions on a page or two of a website can be done in a day.
For larger projects—like a sales page or launch emails—will take longer than a day. When you contact me to chat about your project I can get a better understanding of what you need and how long it will take.

If I already have some copy written, why would I want to hire you?

Excellent question.

Just because you have words written on a page doesn't necessarily mean they convert or feel like you.

You may be someone who gets stuck figuring out how not to sound like Jen-who-just-used-a-template—or adding the colorful details of your life to your words and strategy. (←this is my expertise).

How do you know if you want me punching into your Google Docs?

If you love a perfect mix of straight-forward, personality, empathy, and humor in your copy, we’re a perfect fit. 

How does a VIP Day work?

Let me break it down for you…


Set up a time to see if we’re a better fit than Jane & Mr. Rochester (love me some Jane Eyre).


If we’re a match made in copy heaven, you fill out a questionnaire before our scheduled day. Then, on our day, we jump on a Zoom call where I ask you your deepest darkest secrets  for some additional details and stories


I hand you back your copy, filled with personality and words that make your buyers drool and want to “click” and work with you.

Cue: a sense of relief that you don’t have to think about your email series, launch or website copy anymore.

Q. How will you sound like me and my voice?

I’m a professional, baby.

(Ok, maybe calling you baby doesn’t make me sound professional).

Before our day together, I go through your current content, testimonials, and voice guide (if you have one) and study it with more attention than I used to give to a 90210 episode in high school. (This is saying a lot.)

You'll also fill out a questionnaire before our day that helps me get to know you better than an eHarmony profile. Lastly, we meet first thing in the morning of your VIP day and I ask you some additional questions. So, even though I’m working on your copy for a day, I’m studying you for longer.

Q. What happens if I need revisions?

No problem.

You can make comments in our shared Google Doc and for up to three (3) days I'll go in and respond and revise anything you need. (Note: this is not writing copy from scratch. This is me making tweaks to make sure we capture your voice and make sure details are on-point.)

Q. What happens if you don’t get my stuff done in a day?

Another great question!

At the beginning of the day we discuss what are the most important tasks for the day and what’s “nice-to-have” if there’s extra time. If for some reason I can’t finish what I said I would in the day, that’s totally on me and I will take more time (at no expense to you) to get the job D-O-N-E.

Q. I want to hire you. How long until we can do a VIP Day?

Hmmmm, not sure.

If I could tell you the answer to this, not only would I be the copy magician that I am, but one who could see into the future.

Sometimes I have an opening next week. Sometimes I’m booked out for months. So, if you want to hire me you'll want to schedule a time with me sooner than later—ESPECIALLY if you have a hard deadline like a launch.

Q. I thought you were an email copywriter?

Ahhh, yes.

My expertise is email copy, BUT I also happen to be pretty darn good at websites, sales pages, landing pages…. Basically any copy that is meant to take a person from reading to clicking and buying.

Q. What are these "Buy Brenna's Brain for the Day" Voxer Days I keep hearing about?

Ahhh, these days are my new thing to help you.

During these days you have access over to me via Voxer to ask me any questions you may have about your business, offers, launch plans, strategy, marketing, etc.

I call these "Coaching in a Day" sessions. These are perfect if you're asking yourself questions like "Should I niche?" and "What should my messaging be?".


What have your other clients said about your VIP Days?

You’re smart to check up on me! Here’s what a couple of recent VIP Day Clients said:

What kind of stuff do you work on during a VIP Day?

A: I thought you’d never ask! Here’s my most in-demand Dusted-in-a-Day Copy Projects, but we can customize your VIP day however you’d like:


The Email Sequence

You’ve got your drafts written for your Welcome or Launch Emails, but they’re missing flavor (just like my mom’s pork chops that she’d make us eat as kids, but don’t tell her I said that). 

You hand me your crappy first drafts and I work my copy magic on them by adding the 3 S’s: Stories, Specificity, Strategy


The Website Refresh

Hand me your Google Doc with your website copy and I’ll start updating headlines, tweaking copy and make sure your copy makes sense.

 I’ll also make sure I clean up my BIGGEST website pet peeve that KILLS conversion (Want to know what it is? Book a call here and I’ll tell ya)


The Sales Page

“Do I really need a sales page?”
“How long should it be?”

The answers: 
1. Most likely
2. It depends

Whether you need a sales page from scratch or an existing one rewritten, I got you covered. 



Q. How do I know if I’m not a fit for your VIP Day?

Another stellar question.

Here’s a few ways to know we ain’t a match made in a copy heaven:
  • You’re not clear on your core messaging (what your business is, who you serve, & why it matters)
  • You want lots of “corporate speak.” I speak in punch, personality (and humor if that’s yo’ thing)
  • You don't have your ICA clearly identified (Close your eyes and imagine your ideal client. If you come up blank, then Done & Dusted in a Day is not the right thing for you)

Q. Um, what happens if my project can't be completed in a day?

Good news!

I have VIP day retainers. Basically, you hire me for more than one day and I get your project done in the same “not going back-and-forth for weeks on end” methods. (Also, if you hire me for multiple days I give you a nice little discount 😉)

How much does a VIP Day cost?

My love don’t cost a thing (sorry if J.Lo is now humming in your head) but my VIP days aren’t cheap. The investment for one day is $2500 (I discount for multiple days). However, once people start replying to your emails, hanging out on your website and clicking on your sales page your investment is recouped before the J.Lo song leaves your head.

Want to discuss your project? You can book a call and fill out a (little) application here:
Book Here

If you’ve been:

  • Trying to get your website done since you heard the word pandemic
  • Thinking about writing that darned Welcome Series for months (ok, years) now
  • Strategizing your Launch Emails and Sales Page but are going cross-eyed thinking through copy, personality AND strategy



Then I’m the girl to help you get it DONE.
(Go ahead, plan your next Netflix Binge on my time).