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Get the A-z copy, strategy, and Support you need

Fractional CMO Services Where I Do the Thinking, Planning, and Copy for Your Marketing With My Exclusive Anticipation Marketing™ Metrics

Let me guess...

You’re here because you’re looking for a partner to help you strategize how to get more engagement, reach more people, and kill your sales goals.

And you’re crazy busy —you don’t want to spend all your time thinking about your marketing. 

You also…

If you're like, "YES!!! You've just described my life—let me introduce you to my Fractional CMO Service...

But hey, you’ve got questions about how I can help you—and I’ve got answers….

I love a good Q & A (What can I say—I used to binge the Q & A section of Parade Magazine in the Sunday LA Times as a kid), so let’s go:

What’s a Fractional CMO?

Great question!

Basically, it’s like hiring a Chief Marketing Officer and part-time copywriter for your business, but without having the $$$ payroll every month.


How do I know if I need (or want! a CMO)?


This is for you if you’re short on time, tired of planning out your marketing, content, and sales objectives—and also want high-level ongoing monthly support to reach your goals (and want to be able to ask me questions throughout the month on Voxer).

Who's a good fit for this service?

You're a good fit for this if....

You're busy. You have a VA, OBM, Social Media Manager, etc., but all the marketing initiatives and direction still rest on your shoulders.

You're tired of wearing both the CEO & CMO hat in your business, and hiring a yet another contractor doesn't help you with all the BIG picture thinking. You want someone that can see the big picture and get granular with details (and who's also an award-winning copywriter).

If you love a perfect mix of straight-forward, personality, empathy, and humor in your copy—backed up with strategy to increase your audience and your sales—we’ll be a better match than Jane and Mr. Rochester.   

How does this Fractional CMO thing work?

Let me break it down for you…


Apply so we can see if we’re a better fit than Jane & Mr. Rochester (love me some Jane Eyre).


If we’re a match we’ll meet once a month and discuss what’s coming up for your business. Then we’ll chat about your marketing and sales goals—and what copy needs to be produced for the initiatives. 

Then I spend the rest of the day creating a clear marketing plan for the month and then creating assets to support the plan. Whatever is beyond my scope I delegate to your team so everyone is clear on what needs to be accomplished to support the goals. 


I hand you back your monthly strategic plan and copy (that’s filled with personality and words that make your buyers drool and want to “click” and work with you). 

Then you have Voxer access to me  where you can ask me any questions that might come up throughout the month (or we can chat about what’s new on Netflix. I’m up for both:)

Q. What deliverables will you work on during my day?

It's up to you.

I've been super blessed in my career to work on a variety of projects, e.g. sales pages, emails, lead magnets, social posts, websites, etc.

The more consistent we are with the deliverables each month, the more I can get done in a day, BUT I'm can work on any copy project you need — as long as it fits into the scope of a day.

After our monthly check-in meeting we'll decide together what is priority and what I can delegate out to your or your team. Also, some companies do all their own writing, and they just have me create the marketing plan for the month and edit their copywriter's work.

Q. What happens if I need revisions?

No problem.

You can make comments in our shared Google Doc and for up to three (3) days I'll go in and respond and revise anything you need.

Q. Who isn't a good fit for your Fractional CMO service?

Another great question!

This service is probably not a good fit if you don't have a team or don't want to do some of the execution yourself.

In general, this service works best with mid-level businesses that are looking to scale and make more of an impact, but the burden of this has been entirely on the CEO's shoulders.

Q. I want to hire you. When can I get on your schedule?


(Kind of an annoying answer, right?!)

Sometimes I'm completely booked and sometimes I have a spot open (I only take 5 CMO clients at a time). You can fill out an application and someone from my team will contact you and let you know if I have availablity. If not, we'll add you to our waitlist if we're a good fit.

Q. What is the cost to hire you as my Fractional CMO?

Ahhh, let's get down to business.

The monthly investment for this service is $5000/a month with a minimum 4-month contract.

Q. What happens if I have a special copy project like a sales page or website refresh?

Well, now you have a copywriter in your back pocket.

One who fully understands your positioning and messaging.

Instead of having to search for a copywriter anytime you have a launch or special project coming up, you'll have one that's totally familiar with your business (and since we're planning so far ahead, you're my first priority for scheduling.)

When you hire me it's like getting a strategist and copywriter on your team for a fraction of the the price (not a bad deal, right?!).

Q. I thought you were a "just" a copywriter?

Ahhh, yes.

Fun fact: I started my business as a social media manager. Because of this I spent a lot of time creating content plans and brainstorming creative marketing ideas.

When I pivoted into copywriting, I took my strategizing brain and put it to work for my clients thinking through each step of their marketing funnel.

Now, I'm taking all my experience in marketing, messaging, and copy and combining them into one offer so that you can leave your marketing woes behind (while also creating momentum with on-point messaging and consistency).

If you’ve been:

  • Confused about what how to intertwine your messaging into every piece of marketing material you put out there
  • Overwhelmed piecing together your monthly, quarterly, and yearly marketing and content strategy
  • Skipping writing emails or doing social posts because you’re not sure what to say — or simply don’t have the time to write and publish
  • Putting your head in the sand when it comes to the analytics because you’re not sure how to interpret the data and create a strategy from it
  • Wishing someone could help you with your content, writing, and marketing so you can do the stuff in your business you actual enjoy

Then I’m the girl to help you get it DONE.
(Go ahead, plan your next Netflix Binge on my time).

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